Dr. Dietrich Steinberg, DVM –

Dr. Steinberg was born in Germany and graduated from Hannover Veterinary School.  Following his post graduate studies at the Veterinary School in Munich, he received his Dr. Med. Vet degree (Magna Cum Laude).  Dr. Steinberg then came to the United States for an internship with the Animal Medical Center Manhattan, New York.  He then accepted an internship with Purdue University from 1967 to 1968.  Dr. Steinberg then worked in an animal hospital in Basel, Switzerland, where he received training in surgery and clinical practice.  In June of 1970, he came to St. Louis and was employed by the Humane Society and started West County Animal Clinic in November of 1973.  In his long career, Dr. Steinberg has been devoted to optimal care of the pets entrusted to him.  He is personally committed to ongoing lifelong learning and training in order to offer the best possible service to his clients.